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When you’re overloaded with work in the office everything can feel like a distraction. Especially the noisy hustle and bustle going on around you. But then, complete silence is often equally as counterproductive. Many need to find the perfect balance. The right type of noise and the right level of it will help you stay on top of work.



That might be why you see so many ‘creative’s’ hammering away on their laptop in coffee shops. It’s that background ambient noise that helps get their work juices a-flowing. In fact, one study suggested that the ideal working environment for creative projects should contain a little just a little background noise.


The study involved participants separated into four groups. They asked these four groups to complete a Remote Associates Test, a test that requires participants to find the relationship between a series of words that at first seem unrelated. Each group was exposed to a different level of noise – 50 decibels, 70, 85 decibels, and total silence. It was found that the group exposed to the 70 decibel noise level outperformed the other three groups significantly.


But in most offices the background noise isn’t ambient, is it? It’s loud, raucous, and distracting. How can you create just the right level of ambience to give your productivity a boost?


Thankfully there are a few websites out there that allow you to plug your headphones in and listen to an array of ambient noises. Here are our favourites:


Noisily – This is our personal favourite. You can mix and match ambient sounds to find your perfect productivity booster. They have thunderstorm, rain, forest, coffee house, train noises and plenty more. The website is really clean and simple to use too. Ideal for office workers looking for a break from the background noise.




Coffitivity – This site focuses on the coffee shop ambience only. Inspired by research, Justin Kaulzer created the online app that plays a continuous loop of coffee noise featuring everything from conversations to the brewing of a hot cup of Joe.




Rainymood – This is probably the most popular ambient noise website out there. Rainymood does exactly what it says on the tin – let’s you listen to a variety of rain sounds on loop. You’ll feel like the rain is pattering your window even on a hot summer’s day!


Those are our top three, and we recommend Noisili first and foremost. It combines the most popular ambient noises, let’s you mix them together, and comes in one sleek package. Not to mention a host of other great features.


Let us know your favourite! 



  • 70% of workers say they would be more productive in a less noisy environment
  • 72% of workers are dissatisfied with their speech privacy
  • 64% of workers are interrupted more than 20 times per day


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