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We’re surrounded by sound. From the drone of vehicle traffic to the blare of your TV speakers - there’s no escaping it. But have you ever thought about the affects it has on your health? Or the health of those around you?



Many only take note of the affects if the noise is a blaringly loud assault on the ears. A plane taking off. A jackhammer next to your ear.


But day to day sounds can affect health too...


Sound makes you less productive at work


Open office plans are in. We have companies like Google and Apple to thank for that. But open office plans can be detrimental to productivity. Without the cover of office partitions or walls, sound will travel from one corner of a hip, fresh start-up office, to the other. This acts as a distraction.


It isn’t just the distraction that’s killing productivity though.


Studies show that this noise can cause actual stress. These studies found that a worker’s epinephrine levels were higher in an open office environment indicating some sort of trigger of the ‘fight or flight’ response’, thus making it harder for the worker to knuckle down.


Music doesn’t help


A lot of office workers turn to their headphones and Spotify account to drown out the drab noise of an open office. But this isn’t helping their work either. Sure, music can boost your mood and make you more alert. But it can negatively impact your ability to remember stuff too.


Sound might make you less likely to look after yourself


While they were studying the effects of noise in an open office environment, the science buffs noticed something else. They noticed that women who were in a noisy office were less likely to sit in a correct, ergonomic way at their desk.


The more noise the more crunched up over a keyboard some workers were!


It’s bad for multitasking


If you take pride in your incredible multitasking skills; if you feel that your ability to tackle several jobs in one go is second to none then you’re probably working in a deadly quiet environment. We know this because the more noise there is the less chance you’ll be able to get back to what you were doing before the distraction.


As you can see from our four examples, noise isn’t a good thing at work. It’s bad for health and for productivity. So make your office a place that noise can’t damage. Hire us here at Acoustic Interiors to deaden sound and protect your employees from distraction! 



  • 70% of workers say they would be more productive in a less noisy environment
  • 72% of workers are dissatisfied with their speech privacy
  • 64% of workers are interrupted more than 20 times per day


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