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We create office environments that foster productivity and workplace harmony by manipulating the office acoustics.


Through extensive planning we’ll design spaces that serve your needs e.g. break-out areas for relaxing or brainstorming, well appointed meeting rooms and ‘quiet’ rooms as required by your business and working practices. This may include:


•    Acoustic wall panelling
•    Acoustic screens and glazing
•    Sound masking or soundproofing
•    Acoustic ceiling treatments


Acoustic Planning and Retrofitting


Our design process focuses around the acoustic problems that many office buildings represent. Most modern businesses need a mixture of open plan areas and private office and meeting rooms. By introducing sound insulation and configuring the office to best fit the space we’ll find the optimal office acoustics for your space.

We’re available to consult at the design and construction stages to ensure the acoustics are optimised in the initial build. However we can also come in post build or to converted office buildings to retrofit acoustic solutions.

Our in-house acoustician will oversee acoustic testing of your site, including assessment of reverberation time. The results of these tests will be assessed and areas for improvement identified. The acoustic treatments we apply are designed to be both effective and aesthetically pleasing.


Visit Us in Cork


Our showroom in Ballincollig, close to Cork city, exhibits a variety of soundproofing and sound insulation techniques. You’ll see acoustic solutions such as glass partitions, glass doors and acoustic panels for walls and ceiling in action.

To arrange acoustic testing, design or to find out more about our products call us now on 021-4878727.




  • 70% of workers say they would be more productive in a less noisy environment
  • 72% of workers are dissatisfied with their speech privacy
  • 64% of workers are interrupted more than 20 times per day


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Furniture Solutions


With your partner we also have an extensive range of acoustic furniture solutions , that will met you need for any open plan office. Please contact us for any enquiries.